Commuter Challenge

Want to win prizes for choosing sustainable transportation options this June? Would you like to save money, reduce stress, burn calories and help improve the environment? Register today for Central Ohio's Commuter Challenge to challenge your friends and compete for prizes that will be awarded to participants who choose to commute via rideshare, transit, bicycle, or by walking.

Challenge Conclusion (Updated 7/7/16)

Thanks to all those who participated in the first-ever Central Ohio Commuter Challenge! As one of the 500+ travelers who signed up for the Challenge, you helped make it a huge success.

Participants in the Challenge were able to reduce vehicle miles traveled in the region by 95,531 miles and divert 72,580 pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Commuters saved more than $25,000 in vehicle costs during the month of June by taking sustainable modes of transportation for the Commuter Challenge.

Even though the Challenge is over, keep spreading the word about the benefits of sustainable transportation! Together, we can help reduce congestion and improve air quality throughout Central Ohio. Check back in 2017 to learn details about our next Challenge in June 2017!


COMMUTE: The Commuter Challenge is a competition in which individuals can win prizes by replacing Single Occupancy Vehicle trips with alternative modes of transportation. Eligible commute modes include: ridesharing (both carpool and vanpool), transit, biking (including CoGo bikeshare), walking, or car2go.

LOG: If you choose to take one of these modes of transportation throughout the day, log your trip mode on the RideshareOhio commute calendar to be entered into a prize drawing. In order to log your commutes, participants must create an account at After registering, participants may log their commutes using the Commute Calendar feature. For detailed instructions on how to register and log your commute, please see our How To page.

WIN: You’ve taken your sustainable commute. You’ve logged the commute on the Commute Calendar. You are now eligible to win! Please see our prizes page for more details about how to win gift cards and cash prizes! Daily prizes will be awarded June 1-June 30. Three (3) grand prize winners will be announced during the Commuter Challenge Award Celebration on July 6 at the Columbus Commons 12:00pm – 1:00pm. Additionally, there will be five (4) weekly “Selfie Contest” winners.

#MakeYourMilesMatter Selfie Contest

We all have to commute. Why not Make Your Miles Matter while commuting? Post a selfie of yourself on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram riding transit, car2go, ridesharing, walking, riding CoGo and/or biking with the hashtag ‘#MakeYourMilesMatter’ to be entered into our weekly selfie contest. See our contest rules page for more details.