Join the growing number of commuters carpooling to work. A carpool is defined as two or more commuters riding together to and from work, either daily or on select days. Carpooling saves money and the environment, and it's easier than ever thanks to free assistance from RideSolutions.

How RideSolutions Helps
RideSolutions maintains a database for the Central Ohio region containing thousands of commuters interested in sharing a ride. The database features commuters home and work address, work hours and mode of contact. RideSolutions uses commuters information to prepare a free customized match list for commuters interested in carpooling. 

Who Can Join
Anyone can participate in a RideSolutions carpool. Carpool members agree on individual contributions, whether it be providing a vehicle and driving, contributing to gas and parking costs as a passenger, or a combination of the two. A carpool with multiple vehicles may choose to have multiple drivers who take turns driving at designated intervals.

Benefits of Carpooling

  • Relieves the stress and fatigue of battling traffic alone everyday
  • Saves money by sharing fuel and parking costs
  • Reduces wear and tear on personal vehicles by sharing the drive
  • Minimizes pollution produced by multiple vehicles
  • Convenient and reliable

Emergency Ride Home
Emergency Ride Home is free to registered RideSolutions commuters who carpool to and from work. Once registered, commuters can access their account at rideshareohio.com and redeem a voucher for a free taxi ride home up to four times per calendar year in the event of a family emergency, illness, or unexpected overtime.

Frequently Asked Questions
Tips for Starting a Carpool
Compute your Commute 

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