Does your school have vehicles stretching around the block at drop off and pick up time? Would more students walk or bike if they had a buddy to go with them? The RideSolutions School Pool service helps families assemble carpools and find buddies to reduce the number of vehicles, to help with scheduling hassles, and to make walking and biking to school safer.

School Pool is a partnership that started with three Reynoldsburg City Schools in 2009 and expanded to all 10 schools the following year. Today, any school in the 12-county service area can participate with either an Opt-Out or Opt-In Program.

Opt-Out Program
The Opt-Out Program uses a school’s public data to create match lists that our staff prepare and send to parents or guardians along with program details. A family may opt-out of the service if desired, and their information will be omitted from the match list. All families at the school will have access to the match lists, which can be used to arrange carpools and walk or bike buddies with students living nearby. 

Opt-In Program
The Opt-In Program requires more active participation from the school. Parents or guardians must opt into the program, so RideSolutions works with the school to inform parents or guardians of the service and to develop a marketing plan that encourages participation. Our staff then prepare and send match lists to those who have opted in, which can be used to arrange carpools and walk or bike buddies with students living nearby.

Match lists are a useul tool that can be used year-round for setting up everyday transportation or for sports and after-school events.

RideSolutions is seeking schools to participate in the School Pool program.  Small districts, pilots of several schools, or parochial, private and charter schools are encouraged. Please contact Cynthia Etu at 614.233.4129 or cetu@morpc.org for more information or to see how School Pool could benefit your school.