RideSolutions boasts a vanpool fleet of almost 50 vanpools that safely and reliably transport approximately 600 commuters to their worksites every business day. Each 15-passenger van, when full, removes 14 cars from the road. Our vanpool passengers take pride in helping keep unhealthy pollutants out of the air while relieving road congestion.

How RideSolutions Helps 
With enough riders, RideSolutions can form vanpools from anywhere in Ohio to any worksite in the 15-county service area. RideSolutions' dedicated vanpool developers facilitate conversations about routes, scheduling and van sizes for each new vanpool group. Once formed, vanpool developers continue to work to ensure vans stay full. 

How it Works
RideSolutions places 7-15 commuters with similar routes and work schedules into a group. Passengers pay a low monthly fee that covers use of the van, insurance, maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and prepaid fuel and parking.

Benefits of Vanpooling
• Relieves the stress of battling traffic alone
• Saves money on fuel costs
• Reduces wear and tear on personal vehicles
• Minimizes pollution produced by commuting
• Takes the worry out of driving long distances, or in heavy traffic or inclimate weather

Emergency Ride Home
You won’t be stranded without your personal vehicle in an emergency. Vanpool passengers are eligible for the free Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program. Once registered, commuters can access their account at rideshareohio.com and redeem a voucher for a free taxi ride home up to four times per calendar year in the event of a family emergency, illness, or unexpected overtime.

To join a vanpool or start your own, view our Open Seat List and contact Patty Olmsted at 614.233.4133.